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French porn star Sharon Lee is probably one of my favorite porn stars of all time. Her sexy french accent just turns me on so much, along with her incredible 36C-24-34 body (those are all natural boobs, by the way) and her completely insatiable appetite for sex. Be sure to keep a look out for the scene where she goes down on the dude, because she gives such a deep throat, that you would think his did was tickling her stomach lining! If you only see one hot porn video this year, you better make sure that it's this one, because the material in it is just so hot that it will blow your mind

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You all have been asking to see some more huge Asian tits on this site, and we're bringing you just that with this Free Happy Tugs episode called "Annie and Me." In this episode, the super hot babe Annie begins to give her John a massage with her hands, and then with her mouth! This chick wastes absolutely no time giving her clients what they want! (And what she wants too, while we're at it!)

I think this video reminds me a lot of that one free Asian massage porn we did a while back in which the chick broke out into a squirting orgasm. Ok, Annie doesn't squirt (as far as we know), but this chick really matches the intensity of fucking that the chick in the other video did. I can only hope that other hot Asian babes watch this movie and take notes!

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