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Miko Dai Asian blowjob

Miko Dai will make you so horny that you will want to love her long time. In this Happy Tugs episode, Miko pulled out all stops in the old Oriental massage parlor. When her client came in, he'd heard about the Happy Tugs special but wasn't expecting much. When Miko told him to strip naked, he though it was a little odd. Nonetheless, it was a regular massage up until then. There was scented oils and back rubbing, nothing out of the ordinary. But when Miko started working on his thighs and slipped her hands under the towel, he was a little surprised.

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She looked him right in the eye and smiled, as she began jerk his cock. He instantly got hard, and Miko explained the Happy Tugs special. Being she was such a hot Asian babe, he couldn't resist. They got right to it, and Miko took that dick down her throat. She sucked it like a true Asian champ. Once he'd reached his limit, Miko took over and got on top. She rode that cock with a fury, as her big Asian tits bounced up and down from the thrusting. Miko had a hard orgasm, and when it was her clients turn, she jumped down to finish him off. He found out what the Happy Tug special was all about!


Mia Li and Angelina Chung Asian threesome porn

This week on Happy Tugs, we decided to do something different. We knew Mia Li was going to head up the Asian sex in the massage parlor, but what we really wanted to see was a threesome, so we invited Angelina Chung along as well. The client, Flynt, wasn't really expecting two hot Asians during his massage session but was fine with it. Mia told him he didn't need to worry about paying more money or anything, so he was definitely game. He stripped down and laid out on the table, and the girls busted out the baby oil and covered his body, as they gave him a rubdown. Before long, their hands where under his towel and were stroking his cock.

 Mia Li Asian massage porn

They offered him the Happy Tugs special for an extra tip, and Flynt was more than happy to pay it. At that point one of these hot Asian babes took his cock into her mouth while the other sat on his face, and he ate out her pussy. When they'd had enough fun with the oral threesome, Flynt took over and started to bang Mia Li's hot pussy. He then saw Angelina waiting around for some dick too, so he switched up and gave her the cock as well. He banged those hot Asian pussies until he couldn't take it anymore and blew his load all over their faces. It was SUPER hot! Don't miss this one.


Kimmy Lee was back at it again on Happy Tugs. This fine Asian babe had an amazing pair of perfect tan tits and a hot round booty. When her client came in for a massage, he was impressed by how fine she was. They both stripped down, and Kimmy busted out the massage oil. She rubbed him down and ran her hands under his towel. He was pleasantly surprised when she started stroking his cock. Kimmy offered him the Happy Tugs special for an extra reasonable tip. Her client was more than happy to pay. Kimmy pleasured him some more until he was rock hard then she took his cock in her mouth and gave him the blow job of his life. He had his mind blown and ended up blowing his load on her face and super hot tits. It was worth every penny of the tip.


Lana Violet Asian porn on Happy Tugs

This week on Happy Tugs, we had the lovely Lana Violet. She was one fine Asian babe that was all set for some erotic massage. When her client came in, she got the oil out and started rubbing him down. Sure enough, he looked cool, so she slipped her hands down and started rubbing his cock. This guy was down and looked up at Lana with a big smile. She told him what the special tip entailed for the Happy Tugs special. He was more than happy to pay it. Lana stripped down and rubbed herself down with oil. She rubbed that smoking hot Asian body all over him and started sucking that dick. When he was hard, Lana got on top and worked that amazing Asian pussy and ass while her big tan tits bounced up and down. She knew the moment had cum and got off his cock to jerk him to ecstasy. This guy busted a load like never before. It was insane.

Lana Violet Asian blow job

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Mia Li Asian porn massage on Happy Tugs

What could be better than an Asian massage with a happy ending? Nothing. That was just a rhetorical question. And in this Happy Tugs update, fittingly titled Meat Massager, Mia Li shows us what it's all about. When he client came in, he wasn't sure what to expect. But once Mia slid her hand under his towel and started giving him a little tug, he knew she was down.

He busted out the big, up-front tip, and Mia stripped down naked. She went ahead and rubbed oil all over her sexy body, and it was a sight to be seen. This Asian hottie had a magnificent pair of tits and an ass that was unbelievable. But once she started sucking dick, we were really impressed. She went on to ride that dick like only a true pro could. Of course she finished her client off with a happy ending that left him grinning ear to ear.

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Believe it or not, but there are some Asian chicks that have big tits and that is something we truly enjoy seeing every once in awhile. On this Mia Rider Happy Tugs-Tug and Ride Photo you will get to see an Asian chick with a banging ass body. She has huge boobs and a big ass. This babe pretty much has all of the curves in all of the right places. She brings her client into her massaging room and then she gets started right away. Her clients always say she has magic hands, because once she starts teaching them they get hard instantly. Once they give her the green light she goes on with her special massaging treatments which include her working her hands on the cock and then wrapping her mouth all over it. Soon enough she is riding that cock like a true champ and that is what drives her clients nuts. Plus, that is what brings them back all the time to her. Take a look at Asian Porn Star Adrianna Luna Happy Tugs Pictures.

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Have you ever wonder what happens in an Oriental massage parlor? Well, you are going to be surprised that the orange juiceors are true about what really happens once you go in. This Oriental Massage Parlor Sex Photos update will give you much insight in what really goes on. This sexy Asian babe invites her customer into her room and she begins giving him a full body oil massage. She then works herself up to his cock and begins massaging that as well, but she doesn't go too far with it till he gives her the green light. Once he does that she begins to jerk his cock hard and fast before she wraps her lips around it. As soon as she is satisfied at how hard she got the cock she then jumps on it right away. She definitely knows how to ride a cock on top of that massaging table and you can clearly tell that this isn't the last massage this guy will ever have!

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